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Using a UROC[edit]

UROC information and documentation[edit]

~/opt/rms/rms service rc near
ssh -T -fN -L 19104:minos-daq02-nd.fnal.gov:9090 minos@minos-gateway-nd.fnal.gov
Tunnel process ID is 7552
Starting service rc for near detector
Starting "/home/minerva/opt/rms/../mcr/ControlRoomSoftware/bin/rcGui -p 19104", logging going to /home/minerva/work/logs/rcgui/near/rcgui.out
Finished "/home/minerva/opt/rms/../mcr/ControlRoomSoftware/bin/rcGui -p 19104"
Killing minos-gateway-nd.fnal.gov 7552
/home/minerva/opt/rms/rms: line 380: kill: minos-gateway-nd.fnal.gov: arguments must be process or job IDs