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A latest version of the sample is here: /user/w/white/cmthome/usmjpsi/torqueout/

Can someone look at the corrected spectrum of Jpsi, make sure it makes some sense. Select muon1_charge != muon2_charge and the jpsi_mass range.

I've added the event weight and the variation for each efficiency. If the acceptance is 0 or outside the kinematic range (I don't cut on Jpsi mass, rapidity, etc.) then the jpsi_weight = 0 and the variations are -999.

TO try out the code:

svn co svn+ssh:// USMHIJpsiAnalysis

look at the USMHIJpsiAnalysis/README:

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas
source /cvmfs/
localSetupROOT --skipConfirm
svn co svn+ssh:// RootCore
cd RootCore
source scripts/

you'll need the latest version of RootCore. Setup RootCore and rc checkout USMHIJpsiAnalysis/files/packages_2013.txt

This will get packages from our local svn and CERN.

rc find_packages
rc compile

then if all goes well:

USMHIJpsiAnalysis/test-bin/USMtest -D direct -g EELA-UTFSM_LOCALGROUPDISK -d output
USMHIJpsiAnalysis/test-bin/USMtest -D torque -g EELA-UTFSM_LOCALGROUPDISK -d torqueout