Connecting to UTFSM Polycom using EVO

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Last update: 8 August 2011, F. P.

The Polycom can be used many different ways. Lately we have used it to connect to meetings through ESNet. In principle, only one number is needed to make this call, sometimes referred to as the "phone number" (even though it has nothing to do with telephones).

The phone numbers are often described with words like 85MINERVA, 85HallD, 85UTFSM. The safest way (most likely to work) is to use the numbers corresponding to these, and/or put these addresses in the address book.

As far as I can tell, these are not reserved numbers, except the first two digits (85) which are used by ESNet.

The numbers are:

  • 8542553 Hall D
  • 8588376 UTFSM
  • 856463782 MINERVA

To connect to, e.g., an ESNet conference using the UTFSM number above, the procedure is the following:

Start EVO (By clicking "Start EVO" on EVO page). You need to have JAVA installed on your computer, and have valid ESNet account (If no, register here). Loading may take some time, so be patient. If you have an account, login when prompted.

In the upper-most menu of the Koala window, just to the right of the "Koala" pulldown menu and just to the left of the "meetings" pulldown menu, is an icon of a phone. If you don't see it, look again, it looks like decoration. th_EVO_step2.gif

Click on it and select "Call H.323/SIP client"


Select H.323 from the pulldown tab, and enter in the window to its right.


Click "Advanced" and select "Connection through Panda".


To make the connection to the conference, click the green phone icon to the right of the address you entered.


If network errors reported, try unselect "Connection through Panda".

A new window will appear.


Both audio and video should work. If no, try ajust preference by clicking preferences button: