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Using Conferencing and Presntation equipment[edit]

Using Projector[edit]

  • Use green button remote control to switch on proyector

RemoteControl SONY.jpg

Wait a minute until projector heat up.

Change to INPUT A using INPUT button on the RemoteControl.

  • If you make presentation from your laptop, use VGA cable connected to KVM.


Please, DO NOT DISCONNECT cables connected to other equipment.

Use the blue button on KVM front panel to switch between inputs

KVM Need to be connected to the USB port in order to operate. Normally it receives power from The PC in conference room, so it have to be ON. Alternatively, you can connect the USB cable (attached to the video cable) to your laptop.

  • If you make presentation from the desktop computer:
    • switch to other KVM input
    • on Visual Concert Device press grey button with white green triangle. The button will be lighted green.

VisualConcert FX.JPG

    • On the PC, open your PowerPoint or PDF presentation. For PDF, switch to FullScreen mode. For PowerPoint, start SlideShow. To exit FullScreen mode, press ESC key on the keyboard.

Using Polycom Equipment[edit]

  • To send you conference to the projector, switch to S-VIDEO input using projector Remote control. It's not recommended using this mode while making presentation, because picture quality on near end will inevitably degrade due to conversion to low resolution and compression.

To avoid this, switch to INPUT A while making presentation and to S-VIDEO while turning to conversation or watching presentation by other side.